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Marina Riviere-Sens

Are you planning to make a website, but find that it is complicated and very expensive?
We discovered an interesting platform - in our opinion - that could be of notable help to all those who have an activity that needs to be promoted, in which case an online page (a website) is the saving solution.

The platform I'm referring to has an easy-to-remember name,, which could be simplistically interpreted as "info from A to Z with an infinity of choices in between".

What's the point?
Well, in the well-known and universally practiced way, creating a website is a complicated and expensive action (who has tried it knows better), and we can list here the purchase of the domain, the contracting - for not insignificant sums - of a website developer, the provision of hosting, SSL certificates, proper configuration, and many other hassles not to be neglected. The result of this process, according to the experience of some of us, is a website that is quite difficult to modify and update, which, moreover, does not appear, as we would have liked, on the first page of searches (Google or another search engine) - and this at the end of weeks or months after indexing - in most cases.

This platform largely solves these shortcomings. An online page is made here simply, without special programming knowledge, similar to posting on Social Media. Changing and updating it later is just as easy, even using your mobile phone. Thus, the page can be edited or updated even several times a day, without depending on the expertise, goodwill (and invoice, of course) of a web developer.

Regarding the page search by the end user, in addition to the well-known search engine (probably Google, although other better choices exist, one good example is Brave), there is also an innovative localization according to a hierarchical-geographical structure.

Other notable options of the platform would be positioning your location on an international map, (Figure 3) customizable location, up-to-date currency exchange information, internal search function, multiple language translation, etc.

For details, you can read more at the source, i.e. here

We have good news for our group members and readers! You can now test its functionality for free for 90 days, using our promotional code with the identification 8, the code a8z-genrc and m (tick to test for 90 days).

This way you have enough time to decide at no cost whether the use of this product meets your needs, without any future obligation.

Otherwise, the price of using the platform is £4.99/month, which even so does not seem like a bad price, -in our opinion at least-, if compared with the price of having a website in the market. 

NOTE: With the list price of the subscription mentioned above, all the necessary costs for a regular website are covered (domain, hosting, SSL certificate, and the rest). Once the page is created, at the next login it can be customized in detail. You will be able to:

-add contact details
-add links for Social Media
- choose the background color of the created website
customize the positioning of photos and text, etc

Marina Riviere-Sens

How to make a page
Try the new way to make a website in just 10 minutes without needing help from experts!

Go to
Click "Add Page"
create an account
After the account is created, press "Add Page"
Follow these 4 easy steps to create a professional web presence

Enter the necessary data in turn:
the name of the desired page
a short description of the activity (bio)
the category and subcategory of the described activity
Enter your desired location:
the country
city (most representative nearby)
Choose the location by pressing the desired location on the map. A blue marker will appear. Adjust the position if necessary.
Choose the type of subscription you want
Free for testing (you will have the website online for 90 days, to have time to test and decide if you are interested)
£4.99/month (after trial).
You can now access additional features by clicking "Edit Page" on your web page, where you can: add more photos and text called sections, add social media accounts and contact information, change the theme color, and even generate a QR code for your web page!

Marina Riviere-Sens

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You have our assurance (the developers) that this platform is designed and executed exclusively by a small team without the use of "proprietary code". The platform is NOT affiliated in any way with another well-known company (or not) in the technology market, and does NOT collect, therefore, does NOT reuse data of any kind and for any purpose. If you want additional information and support, you can contact the team by email at

We invite you to comment about your experience here. We want an active and honest exchange of opinions that can be helpful to all those interested, both potential users and the team

We hope that you find our information and efforts to help you improve your online presence useful.

Good luck!

Marina Riviere-Sens

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