Planning to build a website but find it's complicated and very expensive?

We present here an interesting platform - in our opinion - that could be of great help to all those who have an activity that needs to be promoted, in which case an online page (a website) is the solution.

The platform I refer to has a catchy name,, which could simplistically be interpreted as "INFO from A to Z with an infinity ( ∞ ) of choices in between".

What's the point? Well, in the well-known and universally practised way, creating a website is a complicated and costly undertaking (anyone who has tried it knows), and we can list here: buying a domain, hiring - for a not at all modest sum - a website developer, securing hosting, SSL certificates, proper configuration, and many other not inconsiderable headaches. The result of this process, in the experience of some of us, is a website that is quite difficult to modify and update, and which, on top of that, does not appear, as we would have liked, on the first page of searches (Google or another search engine) - and this at the end of weeks or months after indexing - in most cases.

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The platform referred to here largely solves these shortcomings. An online page is made here simply, without special programming knowledge, similar to posting on Social Media. Modifying and updating it later is just as easy, even using your mobile phone. Thus the page can be edited or updated (even several times a day), without depending on the expertise, goodwill (and bill, it is understood) of a web developer. As far as the end-user's search of the page is concerned, in addition to the familiar search engine (probably Google), there is also an innovative hierarchical-geographical location structure. Other notable features of the platform would be the positioning of your location on an international map, customisable location, up to date currency exchange information, internal search function, translation into multiple languages, etc. For details you can read more at the source i.e. here


How to make a webpage?

Try the new way to make your website in just 10 minutes without needing expert help! Go to Go to MENU (3 lines at the top right) Create an account Once your account is created, click on "Add Page" Then follow these 4 simple steps: Enter the required data in turn:

  1. Intruduce:
    • Name of desired page
    • Cover photo
    • Category and subcategory of activity described
    • A brief description of the activity (BIO).
    • Press NEXT to access step 2!
  2. Enter the desired location in order:
    • Region/Continent
    • Country
    • County(UK)/State(US)
    • City (the most representative nearby)
    • Press NEXT to access step 3!
  3. steps
  4. Choose your location:
    • Tap the desired location on the map. A blue marker will appear. Adjust the position if necessary by tapping again.
    • Press NEXT to access step 4!
  5. Choose the type of subscription you want (this step does not exist if the promotional code was used, you will automatically have the website online for 90 days, so you can have time to test the platform and decide if you are interested). Press 'Create Page'.
  6. steps

Once the page is created, the next time you log in it can be further customised. You will be able to: -add contact details -add social media links -choose the background colour of the website you create -customise the positioning of photos and text, and so on.


So now you can access additional editing, adding and customizing features by clicking on "EDIT PAGE" in your logged in user space (just after LOGIN). So, in addition to editing information already entered, you will be able to: add more photos and text in extensions called sections (1, 2, 3 and 4), edit location (including position on map) enter contact information, add social media accounts, and other desired links. Then in ADVANCED OPTIONS you will be able to choose other detailed options, in particular those for cosmetics (colors, positions, etc.) Finally you will find an automatically constructed QR code that, when scanned, generates the link to your page. You can download, print and use this QR in different scenarios (at an entrance in a specific location, on tables, on banners or buildboards, on flyers etc).


If you have successfully completed the steps in this article, you now have a working website.

Now your page will be visible in several locations, both in the known way and in our hierarchical-geographical structure, (visible immediately), more precisely:

  1. On the website of the selected city (Eg:
  2. On the state/county website (Eg:
  3. On the country website (Eg:
  4. On the region's website (Eg:
  5. On the global page

  6. In the familiar search engine manner (Google or other, depending on personal preference), but obviously only after indexing (as with any newly launched website).


This platform is designed and executed exclusively by a small team without the use of proprietary code. The platform is NOT affiliated in any way with any other company (well-known or not) in the technology market, and does NOT collect and therefore does NOT re-use data of any kind and for any purpose. It is thus completely independent of the large monopolies in the IT sphere at the moment.

We invite you to comment on your experience here. We want an active and honest exchange of views that can be helpful to all concerned, both potential users in this group and the team

In the hope that you will find our information and efforts to help you improve your online presence useful, we wish you the best of luck!