Why use this platform?

  1. You plan to have your website, but building it is expensive, time consuming and dependent on others?
    On this platform (a8z.info) anybody can easily make a website (webpage) for a bussiness or activity, and easily maintain it after without depending on other people's input or help.
    The process is easy, fast and intuitive. To make a website here requires no technical skill or special knowledge. And you can have it done in 15 minutes.
  2. You already have a website, but it is hard to be found by your target clients?
    You can have a basic page on this platform with a link to your main website, and also with links to your social media presence. In this way you will substantialy improve your visibility helped by our structured and localised presentation (as explained next).

Once a page is made in your city's webpage (yourcityname.a8z.info, for example manchester.a8z.info) it will also be visible in 4 more webpages:

  1. In your province/state website (yourprovincename.a8z.info, for example yorkshire.a8z.info).
  2. In your country's website (yourcountryname.a8z.info, for example usa.a8z.info).
  3. In your region/continent website (yourregionname.a8z.info, for example europe.a8z.info).
  4. In the entire world's website (a8z.info, world.a8z.info).

You decided to give it a try?
A description of the necessary steps can be found HERE.